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The company is committed to the waste of resources and the sustainable development of environmental resources. The company’s main business involves organic solid waste disposal system integration, environmental protection equipment R & D and manufacturing and sales, urban and rural sanitation integration, renewable resources, recycling and use, and many other areas.

It combines investment, research, and development, consulting, design, construction, operation, equipment manufacturing in one, and has a complete industrial chain. In the field of solid waste treatment can provide customers with a comprehensive “one-stop” services and the overall environmental solutions. The company’s business covers food waste disposal, garbage disposal, plant waste disposal, municipal sludge disposal, environmental remediation and many other areas.


There is no limit to how far we are for the environment. The company will continue to uphold the continuous innovation, the pursuit of perfection, integrity first, the responsibility of the core values. It will continue to create excellent value for the community to make it a company (Integrated environmental service provider ) that is modernized, internationalized and professional.


Representative patented products:

Detergent Generator

Heavy oil detergent production equipment,

Automatic garbage packer

Kitchen Garbage Integrated Processor

Efficient and fully mechanized organic fertilizer treatment equipment,

Integrated garbage truck



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