Food waste shredder to dispose of food waste

Food waste shredder to dispose of food waste



Food waste shredder to dispose of food waste

Human beings survive on food.  Food waste is thus the dominant waste in most families. Examples of food waste are potato peels, bones from meat, left over from the family meals and so many others that most families do not know how to get rid of. Most people think that using garbage bags is the easiest way to get rid of food waste. On the contrary, it’s not. Garbage papers will cost you a lot more than you think. Have you heard of food waste grinder or crusher?  A food waste shredder is a disposer used to shred food waste into small sizes that you can use in your garden as fertilizer or just water flush into the drainage. What makes it even more favorable is the fact that it is attached to your kitchen sink which makes it very convenient.  However, it is advised that you shred your food waste little by little for it to be shredded into desired small pieces that will not block your drainage on its way down.

Advantages of using a food waste shredder

  • It is a convenient method of disposing of your food waste.  The shredder is attached to your kitchen sink.This will make your dish cleaning very easy as you can push any food leftovers down the drain without the worries of blocking the sewage drainage system. You will only need to check its condition once in a while and replace it if there is need to.
  • It shreds food waste into smaller sizes that are good for the microbial fermentation process. This is a harmless process that makes the food waste ready to be used a farm fertilizers.
  • Some food waste disposers come with an option for silent operations. This ensures that the person at the kitchen sink cannot hear any noise coming from the unit during the crushing process.
  • It is easy to install. You do not have to get rid of your initial sewage drainage system. All you have to do is plug in the unit underneath your kitchen sink and connect it to your drainage system.
  • Food waste disposers are very easy to use since they do not require any skills. Any person in the family can use it without experiencing any difficulties. Children too can use it without any risks of being harmed.
  • Food waste disposers improve sanitation and public health of a nation. It is an enclosed way of dealing with waste thus keeps away rodents and other small animals or insects that could carry pathogens to the humans.
  • Food waste disposers are a great way of reducing methane emissions that come from the landfills.  Rotten foods in landfills are a source of methane which contributes to greenhouse gas. On the contrary, food waste disposers make it possible for the food waste to be recycled as fertilizers thus increasing land productivity.


Disadvantages of using a food waste shredder

  • Every good thing will always have a dark side of it. The food waste shredder is no exception. This disposer has various concerns that are worth looking at.  Below are some of the cons:
  • Remember, despite the fact that it is a food waste disposer; you should not dump all your food waste in it. Some foods cannot fit in the feeding port and thus making it inconvenient. The manual script should guide you on the exact food wastes that it can handle. This makes it not very reliable as you have to look for an alternative method of disposing of the waste that it cannot handle.
  • Food waste shredding machines are costly to maintain. This is because they can easily block your drainage system. Once there is a clogging problem, you will have to dismantle the entire disposal unit for you to rectify it. Sometimes the disposer can be clogged and still be working. This will cause it to emit some disturbing bad odor. It is therefore advisable that you use chemical cleaners to eliminate the awful smell in your house thus causing you to incur extra expenses.
  • This method of disposing of food waste leads to water wastage since it uses a good amount of water for it to crush down the food into smaller sizes effectively. This means that more water will be put into waste during the process of trying to get rid of the food waste.  It is, however, an effective method in the waste industry but very uneconomical with water. In the long run, this food disposer can have effects on the infrastructure of the wastewater.
  • A food waste shredder is not an environmental-friendly method of disposing of waste.  It uses electricity to run which will cause your electricity bills to hike. Also, it causes noise pollution in your house as it produces noises during the crushing process.
  • It is expensive to have a food waste shredder as you will need to add the cost of installing it in your budget. Remodeling your kitchen to have this system installed will need a plumber to have it fixed. Do not forget that having it installed is not the end of your expenditure on the unit.

The food waste shredder may have several effects on an individual’s budget, but it eventually saves the environment as well as a nation.






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