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Kitchen Garbage Integrated Processor

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Deal with waste food to detergent, organic fertilizer and standard discharge of water by biological decomposition method


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Can be used in café, restaurants, food plants, slaughterhouses, and other places. It is inevitable that there will be by-products from a variety of food waste. (food waste, waste residue, waste oil, manure, etc.) These by-products will not only pollute the air, water, and land but also incur cost in handling, taking up local storage and transshipment fee. Illegal activities like feeding pigs with garbage, mixing oil waste that is harmful to human health has been gradually cracking down by governments of all levels. This type of equipment will be in place to deal with waste detergent, organic fertilizer and standard discharge of water.


Kitchen garbage integrated processor (ZO-RAT, Patent Number: 201420852588.9)


  •    Dimension Length 3m, width 2m, height 2m
  •    Weight: 2000kg
  •    Rated Power: 30kW
  •    Rated Voltage: 380v
  •    Processing capacity: 200kg/h


  • Can be customized: based on the needs, some small restaurants use small machines, medium size restaurants use medium size machine, and food plants use large machines.
  • On-site process: To achieve (grease + waste + water) 100% on the spot treatment of food waste; Detergent can be used to clean the heavy oil, organic fertilizer for soil improvement, landscaping, organic agriculture, standard water for plant irrigation, discharge standards;
  • Simple operation: Food waste is artificially or automatically poured into food waste disposal equipment; and went through a series of physical, chemical, and microbial effects, and the coordination of a large number of mechanical and electrical parameter. After a reaction process, there will be three kinds of output on site eventually.
  • Low power consumption: the actual power is only 50% -60% of rated power, energy saving;
  • Efficient: single equipment garbage processing capacity up to 2 ton or more;
  • Environmental protection: When the machine is running, there will be no dust nor odor leak. It is clean and of hygiene.
  • Simplicity: Simple design structure, it is easy to transport, inspect and maintain.

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Dimensions 300 x 200 x 200 cm


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