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Food Waste to Organic Fertilizer | food waste digester | Food waste solutions | food waste composting machine

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dispose food waste garbage to organic fertilizer by biological decomposition method


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Introducing with Organic Fertilizer Generator from food waste garbage and kitchen garbage . The world has been in the state of excessive use of chemical fertilizers that lead to serious soil pollution, which lead to a decline in yield and other negative effects. Organic fertilizer can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also a longer effect of fertilizer. This can increase and update soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity. The current industry is in a period of rapid development, by 2020 the scale of China’s organic fertilizer market is expected to exceed 30 billion Dollars.


ZO-ETE/ Organic fertilizer generator (food garbage disposal | kitchen garbage disposal)


  • Dimension Length 2.1m, width 1.2m, height 1.7m
  • Weight: 1500kg
  • Rated Power: 10kW
  • Rated Voltage: 380v
  • Processing capacity: 50kg/h



The wide range of applications: Based on the needs, a small family may need a small machine, the restaurants might need the middle machine, and the food plants have a large-scale customized machine.

Ripening in place: Integration of mixing, Ripening, and produce fertilizer, to achieve continuous production.

Low power consumption: the actual power is only 50% -60% of rated power, energy saving;

Automatic: Achieve fully automation.

Efficient: single equipment garbage processing capacity up to 500kg or more;

Environmental protection: When the machine is running, there will be no dust nor odor leak. It is clean and of hygiene.

Simplicity: Simple design structure, it is easy to transport, inspect and maintain.



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