Small Food Waste Composter

Small Food Waste Composter

turn food waste into compost by microorganism and break down the food waste effectively
It enables you to convert your household waste into nutrient rich compost in only 24 hours

Available Daily Capacity : 20KG,50KG,100KG,200KG,300KG



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The kitchen waste food disposal machine on the market mainly refers to the method of physical cutting and grinding, grinding kitchen waste, and then rinse tap water into the sewage pipe equipment.

Drawback (current on the market ):
Physical reaction does not solve the kitchen waste really, pushing the problem to the sewage treatment plant;
The noise during shredding process is relatively large.
Easy to cause sewer blocking;
Knife needs water for cooling, waste of water.
Kitchen waste food disposer’s feeding port is inconvenient, with potential safety problems;
Need to perform pipeline installation, tedious to install.

Our environmental friendly biological kitchen waste food disposer disposes garbage with microorganism strain .
provide the best biodegradable environment for aerobic microorganisms and active enzymes with the advanced industrial design and manufacturing; and dispose kitchen waste efficiently.

Our Advantages:

the entire fermentation process, mute, tasteless, harmless, healthy, hygienic;

Solve the problem of garbage problem from the source to avoid secondary pollution

Safe and easy to operate, suitable for all kinds of people

Do not need to refit the sewer, just plug in to use.

the digestive agents can be used for a long time (Replace every 3-6 months)

Technical characteristics:

1,  Efficient, the decomposition effect of  kitchen waste is up to 95% or more

2, Low energy consumption (the power consumption of 2kg household garbage disposer is  1-2 kwh/24 hours)

3, Low operating costs. fermentation treatment microbial inoculum can be used for 3 months continuously. It does not require supplement of  microbial inoculum in the process;

4, Low emission, no air pollution, no any strange smell emission during the entire process. The gas emitted during the treatment is a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor;

5,  dependently isolated strains with high enzyme activity can completely decompose the main organic components (protein, starch, fat, etc.) contained in kitchen waste.






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