Used Cooking Oil to Detergent Machine

Used Cooking Oil to Detergent Machine

Dispose used cooking oil  ( fat, grease, oil ) to detergent (pure natural biological ) with additive.

Available Capacity Model: 1KG/hour, 10KG/hour,other can be custom


Every day there is a lot of waste oil, used cooking oil  ( fat, grease, oil ) and used vegetable oil produced in family, hotels, food plants, slaughterhouses, etc. These oils are illegally processed by greedy businessmen and put it back on our table. This is harmful to us and jeopardizes our health. This type of equipment treats the root of the problem. It will make the waste oil into ground detergent and become reusable in cleaning sites.

Used Cooking Oil to Detergent Machine (ZO-DTE)
Small machine
Dimension Length 0.4m, width 0.4m, height 0.75m
Weight: 50KG
Rated Power: 1.6kW
Rated Voltage: 380V
Processing capacity: 1KG/hour

Medium machine
Dimension Length 2m, width 1.5m, height 1.5m
Weight: 400-500kg
Rated Power: 10kW
Rated Voltage: 380v
Processing capacity : 10KG/hour

Applicable to a wide range: According to the need, there are family small unit, hotels with medium-sized machines, food plants with large-scale custom machine;

On-site treatment: Quick, response, waste will be made as detergent on site

Easy to operate: Pour the waste into the entrance and cover the lid, and then push the start button. The process takes about 60 minutes. The concentrated detergent powder will be released from the outlet to use.

Less power consumption: The actual power is only 50% -60% of rated power, energy saving;

High efficiency: A single small machine can have a daily processing capacity of up to 10kg or more

Environmental friendly: During the machine operation process, there will be no dust nor odor leakage, the site will be clean and hygiene.

Simplicity: Simple design structure, it is easy to transport ,inspect and maintain.






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