How do I dispose of food waste?

How do I dispose of food waste?



Well these days the world is facing various troubles regarding pollution. Health and lives of people are at risk due to noise pollution, dust pollution and the biggest problem is food waste pollution. As the population of world is increasing and people are modifying their living from simple to modern the concept of fast food and restaurant is also increasing. Due to this increase of number of resturants the food waste is also increasing to an alarming level.

Government hould take a proper planned step to reduce this food waste by installing food waste disposers every where.

This problem is some how solved at homes and restaurants by installing new and innovative food waste disposers in kitchens. These disposers have proved very useful to the people, these are easy to install and use.

Garbage disposal an innovative device:

It is a new innovative device that has simplified life to much extent. There are several devices used as food disposer but the customers always want the best one with best price and result.

Procedure to  installed food waste disposer :

Its installation is very easy and simple, even a lay man can do it. It is installed under the sink where major washing etc is done.

How does it work?

The new devices work simply and easily, you don’t have to use knives and risk your life. You just have to put the food waste in sinks; it will crush the food and will drain everything into the main gutter. No noise is produced and you can say good bye to kitchen smell and small garbagedisposal germs in the kitchen. These are majorly used in developed countries like United States and Australia etc.

Parts of garbage disposals:

Following are its parts:

  • Main installation i.e. the whole disposer.
  • Sewage pipes etc.

It is a simple device that runs with electricity you just have to read few instructions about how to install it and where to install it. This is the only hustle after that just starts using it without any worry or tension.

How to choose a best disposer:

Following are the few easy tips:

  • Continuous vs. batch feed.
  • Grind stages.
  • Other options.

Continuous vs. batch feed:

In continuous feed the disposal will work continuously and will also consume more electricity. Where as in batch feed food is feed to the disposer after specific hours.

Grind stages:

The more the number of grind stages the more fine waste will be thus when it will go to the sewage or septic tank it will not clog it. The better the grind stages the more the price. So you have to decide according to your consumption.


The worst thing about these disposals is their irritating voice. So make sure you buy product of good quality and the one that won’t produce noise. Garbage disposal prices.

Other options:

Other factors that affect the customers are following:

Best tips for garbage disposals:

Before you buy and use this disposal make sure you know how to use it.

  • It’s only made for soft material; never add forks or other utensils.





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