How To Make The Food Industry More Sustainable

How To Make The Food Industry More Sustainable?


Around 85% of retailers and manufacturers have some type of sustainability initiatives implemented already. Most of these are aimed at energy conservation and recycling. The majority of establishments tend to ignore the requirement for conserving energy or have not devised a way to concentrate on waste management, package recycling, water conservation, reducing emissions and more. You can tackle these problems in a number of ways.

Conserve Water

You possibly make use of a dishwasher in case you sell readymade foods or own a restaurant. Although your dishwasher might look amazing in overall shape, regular commercial dishwashers happen to be one of largest energy and water hogging devices in the kitchen. Replace it with one that comes with the logo of Energy Star. This can make a big difference in your electricity and water bills, and is better for the overall environment as well. It is also advisable that you use tap water for washing, rather than using bottled water. This will help conserve water, one of the most precious resources.

Reduce Wastes

It is possible that you have a proper recycling plan already implemented. As per studies, it is possible for customers to toss their garbage into the right containers if an option is provided. You can use restaurant waste solutions system or kitchen waste management machine that can reduce and process wastes. It is possible to find food boxes composed of post-consumer materials that can be recycled easily. The use of a trash compactor is a perfect solution for lowering the energy resources that are needed for waste processing. A survey by Energy Star revealed that the use of pulpers, compactors and other systems can reduce waste management operational expenses by as much as 30%.

Use Organic Cleaning Products

Food service businesses as well as various other establishments fail to understand how toxic some cleaning chemical agents can be. You should turn to organic cleaning products that are better for the Earth, and can save crops and agricultural land. Use vinegar, lemon juice mixture, club soda etc. to remove stains etc.

By reducing food waste in restaurants and the other steps mentioned here, it is possible to benefit your business, improve the environment and also make the food industry more sustainable. Although these need some amount of upfront investment, these can do a lot to your business image over the long term and stand as a cheaper option for you.




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