Soocen detergent generator-commercial

Soocen: detergent generator-commercial


Used cooking oil can be put to better uses than just pouring it down the drain, which often results in clogged drains. Some people leave the oil in a container for the purposes of disposing of it in a recycling bin and, where that option is not available; some throw it out with the trash or into the yard or simply pour it down their kitchen sinks.

Cooking oil recycling is properly done with the Detergent Denerator-commercial, which is equipment that will help you turn used cooking oil to detergent. It is unfortunate that greedy executives resort to illegally processing used oils then putting them back on the consumer’s tables, which ultimately jeopardizes their health. So to ensure that the waste oil produced in hotels, by the family, in slaughterhouses and food plants does not go to waste or is not used illegally, consider the Detergent Denerator-commercial; a tool responsible for turning your waste oil into ground detergent, which is then reusable for cleaning sites.

You will see that the Detergent Denerator-commercial is the first of its kind where disposing of used cooking oil using a biological decomposition method is concerned. It has been designed using the latest technology for providing a quality and efficient appliance to the customer.

Cooking oil disposal is easier now, thanks to the Detergent Denerator-commercial and this is because based on your level, you can choose to buy either the small one or medium one. One amazing thing about it is that waste oil is quickly turned to detergent on-site and in addition to that, it’s easy to operate! You simply pour the waste oil into the machine’s entrance, after which you then close the lid. The next step is pushing the start button and you are good to go! The whole process usually takes about 60 minutes and the result will be a concentrated detergent released from the outlet for use! It’s as simple as that!

Another factor that makes it popular is because it has been designed to consume less power since the actual power is about 50 to 60 percent of rated power thus saving energy. You will see that regardless of the size you choose, the Detergent Denerator-commercial is highly efficient since a single small machine can process up to 10kg or more daily!

Save the environment today by getting the Detergent Denerator-commercial today and you will be glad that you did!





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