The need for garbage disposal

The need for garbage disposal


The need for garbage disposal

Garbage disposal units have become a necessity for most families. This is due to its convenience since it is installed in a way that it is attached to your kitchen sink.  It allows you to drain food into your kitchen sink without having to worry about clogging the drainage.  The unit is designed in a way that it shreds the food waste into much smaller sizes that can be water flushed through the drainage system without any difficulties. How cool is that! You do not have to own a trash can for food waste. Other than a few demerits that are associated with it, this unit is the best way to get rid of food waste. Below are some of the reasons why you need this unit:

  • It is a very convenient way of getting rid of waste food. It saves you the trouble of sorting out dishes to get rid of any leftovers before washing them. This unit is connected to your kitchen sink so you can let the waste drain as you do the cleaning.
  • It is a safe method of getting rid of food waste.  There is no specific formula for using this unit, you just drain the food waste and let the device do the rest of the disposing work for you. Your family is not exposed to any danger when using it. It is a machine that you barely notice its presence since it is enclosed.
  • It improves sanitation. It is easy to keep your house clean since you do not have to carry food leftovers from the sink to the trash can. It is also an enclosed way of getting rid of food waste thus reduces the risk of contaminations brought about by rodents or insects that carry pathogens from dumping sites.
  • These units are environment-friendly.  The units crush food waste into smaller sizes that are drained down by water as opposed to dumping sites that let food wastes rot. Rotten food produces methane which is not an environment-friendly gas since it results in the greenhouse effect.

Factors to note when purchasing a garbage disposal unit

  • Price

Different brands of the disposal unit have varying costs. While purchasing the unit, it is essential to have an idea of the features and quality of the unit you want. Just make sure you buy a cheap unit but a quality one. Look at the features of each unit before you purchase.

  • Size

Go for a disposer that complements the size of the area under your sink. Most people forget this and thus have problems installing it under their sinks for being too large.


Some garbage disposers produce a lot of noise while crushing the food waste. Look for one that is designed in a way that it releases minimal or no noise at all.

  • Power and water usage.

Some of the disposers consume a lot of water during the disposing process. Others consume a lot of power.  Choose one that is both water and electricity conserving.

How to handle a garbage disposal unit

This unit is meant to dispose of food waste but is also restricted to certain foods. Do not just drain any scraps into your garbage disposal; check out the manual to confirm what waste food is meant to be disposed of using it. It can serve you for a long period if not overworked.

Make sure you provide enough water while disposing of your food waste. This will help it to get rid of the waste efficiently without any clogging problem. Most clogging problems are as a result of insufficient water supply.  Allow the water to run for some time even after the disposing process is over. This ensures that all the waste food has been drained.

Use chemical cleaners or at least baking soda to get rid of any bad smell that would be coming from the garbage disposal unit. You do not have to wait until you smell some bad odor, use these cleaners often to prevent the smell.

Your disposal unit can get corroded and rusted if you do not run it for a long time. Run it regularly even if you are not disposing of anything. This will help to get rid of anything that was left behind from the previous disposal. Remember that it is necessary to run water while you run it even if no waste food is being disposed of.

Do not use hot water to run your disposer because it can damage the unit. Just use cold water.

What not to put in your garbage disposal unit

  • Grease

Grease will eventually solidify in the unit and thus clog it.

  • Potato peels.

Potato peels are rich in starch. It is due to this property that they attach themselves to the walls of the unit making it difficult to drain other food wastes.


  • Metal, glass, plastic or papers.

This will make the blades of the disposer dull.

  • Bones and seeds.

Bones and seeds are hard to be crushed by the unit thus will make the blades dull as well.

  • Foods that expand.

These foods are mostly pasta. When in water, these foods expand and thus can clog the disposer. They are also rich in starch which causes them to attach on the side of the unit and clog it.






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